Phantom A8 Smart Electric Scooter Review

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In this review, we will explore the features, specifications, and components of the Phantom A8 smart electric scooter. Drawing from our experience with various electric scooters, we aim to provide you with valuable insights to help you determine whether the Phantom A8 is a worthwhile purchase. Let’s delve deeper into its details.


  • Range up to 25 miles
  • Rear Holding Latch
  • Gyroscopic Assisted Steering
  • BMS (Battery Management System)


  • Outdated Design
  • Pretty Expensive

This is the Phantom A8 outside of the box. It is recommended for ages 12 and up and features a 350W hub motor. Additionally, there are some important warnings to consider.

On the other side of the box, it is written that a battery management system protects the board, and gyroscopic-assisted steering ensures stability, handling, and efficiency. It also features regenerative energy recovery, which maximizes the range. Additionally, an automatic proximity lock is provided, offering a range of up to 28 miles, along with a range tracker.

On the left side of the box, you’ll find specifications that include details about the range, top speed, motor, and more. We will delve into these specifications further in the upcoming review. Notably, the e-scooter is made in China.

Now, this is how it looks on the outside of the box. Upon opening the box, you’ll find a foldable support bar, a handle, and a user manual, which may not be needed. Additionally, there’s the battery charger, and last but not least, the heart of the electric scooter, the screws.

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This is what it looks like after assembling the scooter, thanks to the 7 screws required for assembly. There’s also a little kickstand that pops out, allowing you to stand the scooter upright.

When it comes to folding the scooter, you just have to pull out the red button, and the scooter will collapse.

At the front side of the tire, you will find a charging port. It’s important to remember that the scooter doesn’t have any swappable feature that allows you to remove the battery.

Now, let’s talk about its display. To use the GogoApp, simply scan the QR code to download the PhantomGogo App, log in, and follow the prompts to bind the scooter.

Press the power button to turn it on, and hold it for 3 seconds to shut it down. In the powered-on state, press the button once to toggle the light on/off, and press it twice consecutively to switch between gears.

The estimated range will be displayed after powering on, and it will disappear automatically after 6 seconds.

The scooter has three gears: L for low, M for medium, and H for high.


The Phantom A8 smart electric scooter is powered by a 350W motor and boasts a top speed of 15.5 mph. It offers an impressive range of up to 25 miles and can handle inclines with a gradeability of 15 degrees. Charging its 36V/10.4Ah battery pack takes 5.5 hours, and it has a weight limit of 220 lbs.

Furthermore, the scooter comes with IPX5 protection, guarding against water and dust exposure. It features electric brakes and a rear disc brake, ensuring reliable stopping power. The battery management system safeguards against Overcharging, Over-temperature, Over-discharging, Over-current, and Short circuits.

The scooter also includes LED headlights for added safety during night rides. Additionally, it boasts gyroscopic-assisted steering, a regenerative braking system, and app connectivity. The app allows for speed adjustments, ride tracking, and electronic locking.


The look and design of the Phantom A8 smart electric scooter are considered outdated and not particularly unique, given the plethora of design options available in the market. However, one notable feature we appreciate in the scooter is the rear holding latch, which easily transforms it into a one-handed, easy-to-carry scooter. Additionally, it features Phantom Gogo branding on the support bar and an LED headlight at the front.

where to buy

The scooter is available for $449 at Costco and Amazon as well.

The electric scooter is sold on two platforms with distinct names i.e. Phantom A8 Smart and Phantomgogo A8, so don’t be confused while purchasing.

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This concludes our review of the Phantom A8 smart electric scooter. We believe it’s a suitable choice if you’re in search of an electric scooter for daily commuting and college exploration. The e-scooter left a positive impression with its impressive 25-mile range, the convenience of the holding latch, and the benefits of gyroscopic-assisted steering. However, it’s worth noting that the scooter’s design is considered outdated, which might not be to everyone’s liking. Additionally, the price point of $449 may be disappointing to some, even though the scooter offers a plethora of features.

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