GoTrax Emerge Electric Bike Review

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This review will cover the GoTrax Emerge electric bike, including unboxing, assembly, ride test, and a final verdict. So, please stick with me as we dive into the details.


The GoTrax box shows the bike’s range, speed, and weight limit on the outside. I pulled the e-bike out in under a minute. Inside was a smaller box with a charger, tool kit, pedals, and manuals.

Lifting the e-bike, it felt a little heavy due to the battery and motor, but not excessively so. It may be slightly heavier than a standard bike but doesn’t feel noticeably different.


First, the front fork and neck need to be rotated forward from their backward shipping position. I loosened the bolt with the included tool and swiveled the fork around to face the front. Scoring marks help center and secure it when tightening back down.

With the Allen key, I tightened the handlebars into place.

The seat has a quick-release clamp, meaning it can be easily removed. The installation looks simple – just insert the seat post and tighten the clamp to secure it.

To install the front wheel, I first unscrewed the end of the axle. There is a small spring that goes against the side with the curved washer, which allows the tightening lever to pivot.

I pushed the axle through the fork, leaving it sticking out the back end. Then I threaded the cap back on.

This creates a slot to drop one side of the wheel into. The other side slides into the fork, and the lever tightens it down.

I initially put the tire on upside down. Once lined up properly, it drops into place easily.

With the lever on the loose side, I tightened the axle cap as much as possible by hand. Then I flipped the lever up (down since the bike is upside down) to lock the wheel in place.

This applies tension to secure the wheel. The lever creates a simple quick-release system for installing and removing the front wheel.

To install the front light, I removed the bracket screw using the Allen key. This allows the light to pivot up and down to aim the beam. I positioned it in the highest spot to illuminate the road ahead for safety.

It’s great that this light is included, saving the need to buy a separate bicycle safety light. The light runs off the e-bike battery so there’s no need for separate batteries or charging.

The pedals are marked L and R – threaded in opposite directions. As you pedal, this causes them to only tighten, preventing them from loosening. I started the left pedal by hand, then used the included tool to finish tightening them down fully.

With that, the electric bike is now fully assembled!

Design and Features

At first glance, the GoTrax Emerge electric bike looks like a typical electric bike with its kickstand and regular frame design. However, it’s advertised as a sports e-bike due to the suspension frame. The sturdy frame has a GoTrax branding sticker.

The removable battery can be easily pulled out with the included key – just turn the key to unlock it. The battery has a charge indicator light and a power switch at the bottom, along with a charging port. After charging, make sure to power the battery to activate the e-bike system.


The left handlebar has a bell and control panel. At this price point, you get a basic panel with buttons – an on/off button, a mode button, and a button to control the front headlight. On the right is a throttle which engages when pulled.

It has a 7-speed Shimano gear system that shifts smoothly. The grips and brake levers feel quite comfortable. Shifting gears is easy with the thumb buttons based on terrain and incline. Overall, the system is ergonomic and can be used with one hand.

The e-bike has mechanical disc brakes and a suspension frame that provides reliable stopping power. The LED headlight offers decent illumination for riding in the dark. In the rear is a red reflector.

Shifting between the 7 gears feels smooth, and the chain and quick-release seat work well. Power comes from a 350W rear motor. The 36V 7.5Ah battery provides an estimated 15.2-mile range with throttle only, and 24 miles with pedal assist, though I will test the real-world range.

It has 26-inch pneumatic tires – larger than street tires but without the thick knobby tread of true off-road tires. This provides a versatile middle ground with good traction and a smooth on-road feel, while still handling off-road conditions.

Riding Experience

Finally, I took the e-bike for a ride. Initially, the acceleration felt a bit abrupt, especially at first. The seat was also not very comfortable. However, going uphill on steep inclines using the motor assist felt like a breeze – awesome!

Compared to regular bikes, the speed, and motor power seem better suited for daily transportation than performance riding. I tested the top speed, hitting 20 mph in 1.9 seconds with just the throttle, and 1.4 seconds at level three assist.

One thing I noticed is that you always get some pedal-assist when the power is on, even at the lowest setting. To use it like a regular bike, the power has to be off completely. The motor also cuts out when braking for safety.

The 26-inch tires provide good traction and a smooth ride, landing between street and mountain bikes. The 350W rear hub motor offers decent power for the price but isn’t built for high torque or off-roading. On a 0.18 mile/95 foot elevation hill climb, it averaged around 6 mph and took 1 minute 14 seconds – not the fastest climber.

The control panel is simple plastic with buttons and LEDs. The budget components like the suspension absorb some bumps, but the ride feels a bit rough. The grips also became less comfortable over time. Additionally, the dim headlight works for normal night riding, but the bell and wobbly front stem could be improved.

In real-world testing, the range was about 18 miles, a little short of the claimed 26. Still decent for the price.


  • Affordable Price
  • Design
  • 350w Hub Motor
  • 20 mph


  • A Plastic Control Panel
  • Not High Performance

Where to Buy

You can purchase the GoTrax Emerge for $616 from Target or get it at Walmart for $610.

If the GoTrax Emerge doesn’t meet your needs, take a look at my review of the Jansno X50 electric bike, a better option for seasoned riders.


Overall, I would recommend the GoTrax Emerge for those seeking basic daily transportation. With its 350W motor, 18-mile range, and 20 mph top speed, performance is decent for around-town use but not off-roading.

Some components seem a bit inexpensive, but the design and frame are impressive for the price. While not without flaws, it can serve well for casual riders looking for an affordable electric bike for short urban commutes.

I hope this review gave you a helpful insider’s look at the GoTrax Emerge. Let me know if you have any other questions or would like to see a review of another e-bike or scooter model!

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