Volpam SP06 Electric Scooter Review

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In this review, I will provide an in-depth analysis of the Volpam SP06 electric scooter, covering its overall ride experience, price, and pros and cons. So, without any more delay, let’s dive in.

Specs & Features

The Volpam SP06 electric scooter is equipped with a 350W brushless motor, capable of reaching a top speed of 19 miles per hour. It offers various riding modes, including eco mode at 9 mph, slow mode at 13 mph, and sport mode at 19 mph. These modes cater to various riding preferences and road conditions, allowing riders to select from E to S gear. The scooter is designed with 8.5-inch honeycomb maintenance-free solid tires, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides, even on hilly terrain.

With a weight limit of 264 lbs, the scooter provides maximum riding comfort for a wide range of riders. It features a 36V 10.5AH battery pack, which can be fully charged in 4-5 hours, making it ready for your journeys quickly. The scooter is also equipped with a convenient headlight and rear light with one-click on/off functionality, ensuring safe riding in low-light conditions.

The scooter boasts a dual braking system at the front and rear for enhanced safety and control, providing reliable and powerful stopping power. Additionally, it offers smart app integration, allowing you to pair the scooter with your smartphone. With the app, you can lock/unlock the scooter, control lights, adjust gears, select the start mode (zero start or non-zero start), customize the maximum speed, enable cruise control, and more.


The Volpam SP06 electric scooter boasts a simple and sleek design, characterized by its aluminum frame body. I’ve had the chance to evaluate numerous electric scooters priced under $500, and this particular scooter’s design reminds me of another model I’ve reviewed. One notable feature is its maintenance-free solid tires, which contribute to a smoother ride. However, these solid rubber tires have their advantages and disadvantages. While they eliminate the need for inflation, they can limit the scooter’s ability to handle aggressive riding and may be less durable in the long run.

The scooter features a standard brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear, offering reliable stopping power. Its display provides essential information such as the expected range, current speed, and details of your last trip. Thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction, the scooter exhibits excellent build quality. It also includes a small kickstand for convenient parking. Moreover, this e-scooter is designed for easy folding and is lightweight enough to be carried in one hand. It can also be conveniently stored in the trunk of a car. Overall, the scooter presents a pleasing and minimalist aesthetic coupled with its lightweight design.


Volpam SP06 electric scooter Performance

Now, let’s dive into its performance. To start, I fully charged the scooter, and what initially caught my attention was its price. Initially priced at $269, it has since seen an increase to $349. However, this scooter typically falls within the $250 to $350 price range. Plus, if you’re fortunate enough to purchase it during a Black Friday sale, you might even score an impressive discount. On my first full ride with the scooter, I covered 17 miles on a single charge, slightly below the claimed 19-mile range.

One drawback worth noting is the lack of suspension, which made my ride feel quite bumpy on gravel roads. Climbing uphill is another area where the scooter faced some difficulty; even though it boasts 350W power and a peak power of 650W, it struggled on modest inclines. Over time, I noticed some degradation in performance. After completing 259 miles, the scooter could only manage a maximum of 12 miles on a single charge, compared to the initial 17-mile range when it was brand new. The company claims a top speed of 19 mph didn’t quite match my GPS measurements, which consistently clocked it at 17 mph.

On the topic of lighting, the scooter’s brightness is satisfactory for nighttime riding, but it’s not particularly powerful light is quite small and not very intense, which might affect visibility. One notable feature is the locking mechanism for the handlebar, which is both dependable and enhances safety. Portability is a strong suit of this scooter; it’s extremely lightweight, weighing around 30 pounds.

Regarding the riding modes, I experimented with three settings that influenced actual speeds: 5 mph in eco mode, 8 mph in slow mode, and 13 mph in sport mode. While the brakes did make a bit of noise during my rides, they managed to bring the scooter to a halt quickly and reliably.

To summarize, this is my comprehensive performance review. I do have some complaints about the electric scooter, but, notably, it falls under the $300 price range. Every scooter comes with its pros and cons, and this one is no exception.

Where to Buy

The Volpam SP06 Electric Scooter is available on Amazon at $369.


  • Cheap
  • Better Built Quality


  • No Suspension
  • Quick Battery Drain
  • Not Claimed Range

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive review, I’ve delved into the Volpam SP06 electric scooter, providing insights into its ride quality, and performance, and enumerating its pros and cons. Positioned as the best electric scooter under $300, it falls within a price range of $250 to $350, making it a competitive option in the budget segment.

The Volpam SP06 electric scooter emerges as a compelling choice for both teens and adults seeking an electric scooter for daily exploration. It stands out with its affordability, solid build quality, and an efficient braking system. However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Notably, it falls short of the claimed range, exhibits quicker battery drain than expected, and sports a design that might not appeal to all riders.

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