top EV choices for Uber and Lyft drivers in 2023 

Find out the top EV choices for Uber and Lyft drivers in 2023, all at prices that won't break the bank.

Tesla Model S 60 

The Tesla Model S is a luxury choice that's surprisingly affordable, starting under $25,000.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevrolet Bolt EV  is cost-effective, starting at just $31,995.

Nissan Leaf 

For city driving, the Nissan Leaf is a reliable option, starting under $10,000.

Pacifica PHEV 

The Chrysler Pacifica PHEV offers space and luxury for around $30,000.

Volkswagen ID-4 

The Volkswagen ID-4 offers spaciousness and comfort at competitive pricing.

Hyundai Kona Electric 

The Hyundai Kona Electric boasts an affordable price with impressive range.

Kia Niro EV 

Affordable and efficient, the Kia Niro EV is perfect for budget-conscious drivers.