Top 10 EV Charging Station Companies In U.S. In 2023


Tesla, a leading EV maker, opened its Supercharger network to other EV brands, expanding its charging network and dominating the EV supply chain.


ChargePoint, a prominent installer in the United States, offers a vast array of charging solutions with a focus on tailored solutions for EV drivers.

Blink Charging

Miami-based Blink Charging is a leading operator of charging services in the United States, driven by the need to reduce emissions and promote EV adoption.


EVgo provides diverse EV charging solutions tailored for businesses, covering all costs for host partners, making EV adoption easier for fleet operators.

NaaS Technology

Chinese pioneer NaaS Technology is rapidly expanding its EV charging service offerings, with online and offline platforms and support for Chinese automaker Nio.


Wallbox, known for its sleek design, offers advanced charging solutions with energy management capabilities, enhancing the connection between homeowners and the energy grid.


Dutch company Allego is dedicated to ensuring widespread charger accessibility, with operations in 16 countries and an extensive network covering approximately 1.5 billion kilometers of road.

BP Pulse

BP Pulse, rooted in petroleum history, now focuses on renewable energy, offering a wide network of home and public charging installations across the UK, including rapid and ultra-fast options.

Compleo Charging Solutions AG

Compleo Charging Solutions, a German provider, offers a range of charging solutions for public, commercial, and residential applications, including education through Compleo Academy.

ADS-TEC Energy

ADS-TEC Energy, based in Germany, is transitioning to electrified solutions with smart grid solutions and storage-based platforms, contributing to a greener energy landscape.